“Suing these people, going after these people, exposing fraud, going after them personally, which is what we are doing. We (Make Americans Free Again) have filed millions of dollars’ worth of lawsuits against people that have done this; we intend to do lots of that.” Pam Popper, Co-Founder of Make Americans Free Again (Rumble, “The Influence of Fake Experts”, published May 19, 2022)

MAFA Lawsuits challenging:
• Emergency Declaration
• Vaccine mandates, vaccine passports
• Mask mandates
• Lawsuits are
naming government officials personally; we are going after their personal assets!
• Vaccine Safety
• defending doctors who are attacked by state medical boards for prescribing early treatment drugs for COVID and speaking out about COVID vaccines

Please help us raise funds for
the lawsuits so this will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Join us on Friday, July 22, 2022
for an evening with Tom Renz, Attorney.
Tom is the lead attorney for the Make Americans Free Again lawsuits.